Building an interactive grid with ASP.NET Web API and AngularJS: The basic setup

added by Robert Greyling
10/6/2014 6:03:47 PM


I learned quite a few things in building this seemingly simple little feature and I thought it would make for a nice little tutorial on how to put all these technologies together. This is the first in a series of blog posts in which I will walk you through the process of creating a filterable, sortable grid with paging using the combination of ASP.NET Web API, AngularJS, Restangular and ngTable.


Robert Greyling
10/6/2014 7:39:40 PM
Oh wow, this look like the start of a cracking series! Can't wait to see where it goes. Love the fact that even though I don't use MVC, but NancyFX instead, it's been written in such a way that I can follow along.

JavaScript Kicks
10/6/2014 7:41:23 PM
Yes, my tweet about this post has gotten a ton of traffic today, so I dare say there are a lot of folks interested in where this series is going. We'll keep tracking it here for sure! :)