DeLorean.js - A completely agnostic JS framework to apply Flux concepts into your interfaces easily

added by JavaScript Kicks
10/6/2014 3:13:19 PM


What is Delorean.js? DeLorean is a tiny Flux pattern implementation. Unidirectional data flow, it makes your app logic simpler than MVC, Automatically listens to data changes and keeps your data updated, Makes data more consistent across your whole application, It's framework agnostic, completely. There's no view framework dependency. Very small, just 4K gzipped. Built-in React.js integration, easy to use with Flight.js and Ractive.js and probably all others. Improve your UI/data consistency using rollbacks.


Robert Greyling
10/6/2014 8:25:57 PM
Oh wow - this looks awesome! Love Flux but can't use it one some existing projects. Definitely gonna try this out next.