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7/6/2015 2:51:32 PM

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I've blogged very little about Taunus since I first released it, roughly a year ago. Back then, it only powered, but now there's a few cases in the wild where it's being used, and I even got to do some consulting in a project where they're using Taunus! In the year since its release, it has had a whooping 174 releases, but not a whole lot has changed, and its API has remained stable for the most part. Its feature-set grew quite a bit, although it remains fairly light-weight at 18.8kB after gzip and minification. Today, it's able to figure out how to submit forms via AJAX automatically, as long as they already work as plain HTML, and it has support for WebSockets via a plugin. If I were to define Taunus in "elevator pitch" style, I would say: Taunus is the logical step forward after server-side MVC web frameworks such as Rails or ASP.NET MVC. It turns server-side rendered apps in Node.js (or io.js?) into single-page applications after the initial page load by hijacking link clicks, form submissions, and defining a format you can leverage for realtime communications. Building an app in a Server-First fashion is important because then you aren't taking a huge leap of faith in assuming that your customers have a browser capable of supporting all the bleeding edge features your dedicated client-side application demands. After the initial load, which should be blazing fast so that your customers are happier (tons of research point to this fact), you can should turn to a single page application, hijacking links, making AJAX requests that ask for the bare minimum (view models) and then rendering those view models directly in the client-side.