How I survived my baptism of fire with Node.js

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6/12/2015 3:01:27 PM

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This was one of the first major projects that I worked on after graduation. I had heard lots about Node.js and how it’s changing the world, so I was super excited to hear that I would be working with it on this project. Node.js I have to admit that I felt a little daunted when I read the project spec. The new system was to be built in Node.js, which I would have to learn from scratch. The project had a tight, 12-week time frame. The project team was spread over six countries. The project leader was a ‘delivery architect’, an innovative concept by nearForm that replaces the traditional project manager. Just to make communications a little more complex, there was also a third party in the mix: InterLink, the company that had previously maintained the client system. Let’s take a quick look first at the client, their existing system and what they wanted nearForm to do.