Tutorial: Setting Up a Simple Isomorphic React app

added by bpwndaddy
6/12/2015 2:58:47 PM

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After hearing the responses of one of my other tutorials, it quickly became evident that a quick Google search on "setting up React" led to very confusing results. One of the biggest causes of this confusion is what an "isomorphic app" is. This is a big buzz word, and there are 100s of solutions on Github. I decided to take a different approach and create the simplest possible isomorphic application to help beginners get started, and understand what is going on. The project is on Github, and the following is a quick walkthrough of how to start from scratch. The goal of this project/tutorial to not only get someone's projected started but to clarify the process behind an isomorphic app. (It should not be used in production without setting up several other things. Please see the Next Steps sections).