The 8 Most Common Ember.js Developer Mistakes

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6/10/2015 3:11:26 PM

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Ember.js is a comprehensive framework for building complex client-side applications. One of its tenets is “convention over configuration,” and the conviction that there is a very large part of development common to most web applications, and thus a single best way to solve most of these everyday challenges. However, finding the right abstraction, and covering all the cases, takes time and input from the whole community. As the reasoning goes, it is better to take the time to get the solution for the core problem right, and then bake it into the framework, instead of throwing up our hands and letting everybody fend for themselves when they need to find a solution. Ember is constantly evolving to make development even easier. But, as with any advanced framework, there are still pitfalls Ember developers may fall into. With the following post, I hope to provide a map to evade these.