Classes are Expressions (and why that matters)

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6/5/2015 3:16:36 PM

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Other languages have features like private instance variables, of course. But what makes JavaScript different from languages like Java or C++ is that JavaScript’s flexibility gave us the tools to construct our own way to encapsulate properties inside an instance, and to encapsulate the construction of a class inside an IIFE. This pattern of creating a class that has private variables emerged from combining a few things: The fact that instance variables are properties, the fact that we can use symbols as non-enumerable and hard-to-guess property keys, and the fact that class can be used as an expression. There’s no need to have special keywords or magic namespaces. That keeps the “surface area” of the language small, and provides a surprising amount of flexibility. If we want to, we can build mixins, traits, eigenclasses, and all sorts of other constructs that have to be baked into other languages.