An Alternative to npm Private Modules

added by bpwndaddy
5/29/2015 3:14:28 PM

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npm has recently unleashed private modules to world. This allows you to publish a node module to your own private registry, and install it via npm install as normal. I think this is a good move from npm, and with a price of only $7/user/month, it doesn’t break the bank. If you are already using GitHub to host your private module’s source code, you might however be wondering whether paying for another service is worth it. In some situations, using a private npm registry is the correct choice, such as if you need strict semver adherence, or need to separate your source code hosting from your production module hosting. In many cases, however, you can get away without using npm for hosting your private modules. In this article, I’m going to show you how you can replicate npm private hosting using GitHub or Bitbucket, and access these modules from your deployment server and/or Heroku.