Risk-free Migration From Assetic to Webpack

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5/28/2015 3:16:02 PM

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In theory, webpack calls itself a module bundler. In practice, it is a lot more than that. Among its many features are included: Easy-to-use on-demand loading of resources The ability to load a combination of JavaScript and CSS in a single asynchronous request Support for various module formats like CommonJS, ES6, etc. Extensibility through custom loaders There is already a range of articles which do a great job at covering the fundamentals of webpack (e.g., I can recommend the following two introductions: "Getting started with webpack", and "An introduction to webpack"). This post will mainly focus on the extensibility through custom loaders feature mentioned above. As a real-world example, we will look at how we managed a transparent, non-disruptive transition towards webpack as our method of generating our JavaScript assets.