Cerebral developer preview

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5/26/2015 3:10:42 PM

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Cerebral is a framework. I call it a framework because it has the bare necessities of what you need to build an application. It provides concepts for handling application state and depends on React for its UI. Routing, http requests etc. are separate tools you choose based on what the project needs. Technically Cerebral does not need React to work, and there is an open issue for discussion on how Cerebral could be used with other frameworks: Should Cerebral be independent of React? So why would you even consider Cerebral? Before going into the thoughts behind Cerebral I want to point out that this is not another “FLUX framework” with its own take on actions, dispatchers and stores. I am certainly not talking down those frameworks, many of them are really great, but Cerebral is a new take on how to handle application state alltogether. It is inspired by Flux and more recent solutions like Baobab. So big thanks to all the brilliant people working on tools to make web application development more fun than frustrating!