Horror: Migrating Angular-UI-Router to Angular New Router

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3/30/2015 9:13:48 AM


Last week after watched videos of ngConf 2015, I decided to have a try on Angular 2.0. And I think the best start point would be its new router. The application I'm going to change is "My DocumentDB", a web-based Microsoft Azure DocumentDB management tool I created last year. Although Google said it would be very simple and smoothly to migrate from Angular 1.x to this new router and then easy to go forward to Angular 2.0, I found a lot of problem if I'm using Angular-UI-Router. In this post I would like to introduce what I did, what I suffered and the resolutions. But please keep in mind that Angular New Router is still in development phase. The code and API is being changed very often. So it's recommended by Google and the community, NOT to be used in any production application.