Is It Still Worth Learning Angular 1.x?

added by Robert Greyling
2/11/2015 10:12:13 AM


As ES6 edges closer to evergreen browser support by the estimated mid–2015, many are wondering given the MASSIVE inevitable API breaking changes in Angular 2.0 if it is worth learning the current version of Angular (1.3 at the time of writing this).


Dom Barker
2/11/2015 10:56:01 AM
Yes. The breaking changes mean that plenty of teams will be marooned on 1.x - especially in the enterprise space where Angular is so popular. Plenty of $$ to be made on such contracts if that's your bag.

Robert Greyling
2/11/2015 11:18:19 AM
Ah yes, the good old days of dropping in as a specialist consultant. Unfortunately there are a lot of snake oil salesmen in that game and it doesn't help. I can see a lot of damage being done when that starts happening.

Ofer Zelig
2/12/2015 4:23:09 AM
I have the same dilemma as yours, but I still didn't fine a definite answer. Your post covers some good points, but in my opinion it misses 2 important ones: 1. You wrote "At the moment the only choice you have is to either use AngularJS as it currently stands or wait until late this year...". No, it's not. There are other options like opting for "older" frameworks like BackBone that, although not as "all-rounders" as AngularJS, are pretty stable and less probable to break in new versions (nothing for granted but they're pretty mature and less likely to introduce massively breaking changes). Alternatively there's React.js that introduces a very modern and feasible option, together with other micro-frameworks. 2. IE8 - many developers don't need to support IE8 and hence the question is still relevant for them. Those who have to support IE8 will stay with AngularJS 1.2 or any other framework and won't have the dilemma at all. By the way - by the time AngularJS 2.0 will come out, it's not even sure that those who need to support IE8 today will still need to support it. So the question on whether to wait for 2.0 is even relevant for them.