What is IO.js

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12/10/2014 12:55:13 PM


A lot of people have asked me lately about IO.js and its place among Node Forward, the Advisory Board, and npm. This is my own personal point of view. However, I have shared early drafts of this post with the IO.js technical committee to ensure that it’s at least a reasonable approximation of how the team sees things.


Drew Peterson
12/10/2014 6:41:48 PM
I'm glad that the goal is still eventual merging with Node.js. I think this was a smart move given the circumstances. They can grow Node (IO) in the way that they want, and when ready, bring that goodness back to mainline Node. If for some reason Joyent decides not to go with the program, they have a fallback in keeping the IO project alive as a long-lived fork.

Robert Greyling
12/10/2014 9:46:36 PM
I have a slightly different view. IMO I think Joyent seems to just be another Oracle who bought a trademark and are protecting it vigorously, albeit they are a fair bit better at this whole OSS and community thing than Oracle are. That's good business, except when it's not... At the end of the day, Node.js is open source and it looks like most of the main players have moved over to IO.js. For me this is very exciting because it means they can lay their own roadmap without being at the beck and call of Joyent. I personally think that it'll be Joyent playing catchup, and if they're not careful, the thing called "Node.js" today - their precious trademark, will be less than worthless in a few years time and everyone will be talking about IO.js because it leads the way and the only thing worth doing with their trademark will be wiping their behinds with it.