Is learning Angular still worth it?

added by Ofer Zelig
12/8/2014 10:07:33 PM


Interesting discussion. Different opinions (as usual) but some commentators give some tips on how to use AngularJS today to minimize the change when 2.0 arrives.


Andrew Robbins
12/9/2014 12:31:20 AM
Thanks for posting, enjoyed reading through the comments. I agree with the sentiment that learning a framework should be the point, not which one to learn. Personally, I still like Angular and think there's a lot of benefit to learning that one. I like that the team is looking towards the future and attempting to get ahead of the curve. Are other frameworks taking that step? If not, where will they be when ES6 becomes more widely adopted?

Andrew Walton
12/9/2014 3:05:46 AM
To answer your question "Are other frameworks taking that step?": yes. If you haven't already, take a look into Ember. Read up on the Ember 2.0 RFC. Look into ember-cli. They are attempting to get ahead of the curve with numerous things, including ES6 and web components. I do agree that being able to learn a framework is a great skill. Being able to pick up on a new framework, even if you are unfamiliar with it, is extremely beneficial and will help you in this career field.

Andrew Robbins
12/9/2014 7:37:38 PM
Awesome, thanks for the info Andrew.