Leaving Angular - After almost ten months with the Angular 2.0 team it's time to part ways

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11/18/2014 9:47:46 AM


To make a long story short, Google saw the next generation prototype and felt that it aligned well with their plans for Angular 2.0, so they asked me to join them in February of this year. It was a great opportunity to take my learning, ideas and vision and expose them to a larger community. Still, I was hesitant. I had to know that what Google was doing was compatible with my vision before I could make this type of commitment.


Drew Peterson
11/18/2014 7:28:28 PM
@RobertTheGrey I'm practically giddy :-) How many of you out there are currently using Durandal 1.x in production? @carlcubillas @miroslavpopovic @rkirk922? What do you think of this development? I'm hoping that even though the Durandal 2.0 kickstarter failed, Rob will have the same drive to work on it as he did prior to joining the Angular team.

Robert Greyling
11/18/2014 11:25:13 PM
Yep @drewpcodes as you know we're currently running all the Kicks sites on Durandal including our beloved JSK :) Personally I'm really happy for what this means for the future of Durandal. Watch this space, but my prediction is that Durandal is going to be a VERY heavy hitter in the next year or so and will be getting a lot more publicity than it currently does. I really hope he does another kickstarter, it will revolutionize the framework IMO