Reactime v3 is here! New support for concurrent react, more hooks, more react router use cases.

added by reactime
11/21/2019 2:00:00 PM


Reactime is an open-source Chrome developer tool — inspired by Redux DevTools — which allows developers to visually inspect the state of their app at any given moment, step forwards or backwards through time, import and export a snapshot of their current state, persist state across refreshes, among other things. The real magic happens when you introducing scaling. Because Reactime runs a realtime D3 visualizer, which visually grows a tree displaying all of your state “branches”, you can easily figure out where a bug is halting your processes and how best to move forward. Not to mention, it now has added support for experimental React features like Concurrent Mode and Suspense, as well as expanded support for hooks like useContext, useReducer, useEffect, and more, and more integrated support for React Router, visually persisting state changes across different pages.