The Road to Ember 2.0

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11/4/2014 4:13:45 PM


Today, we're announcing our plan for Ember 2.0. While the major version bump gives us the opportunity to simplify the framework in ways that require breaking changes, we are designing Ember 2.0 with migration in mind. This is not a big-bang rewrite; we will continue development on the master branch, and roll out changes incrementally on the 1.x release train. The 2.0.0 release will simply remove features that have been deprecated between now and then. Our goal is that you can move your Ember app to 2.0 incrementally, one sprint at a time.


Bob Senoff
11/4/2014 4:53:45 PM
@benmac3 Ember is on the move!

Drew Peterson
11/4/2014 7:15:35 PM
I'm excited that they've re-written their view engine to take advantage of a virtual DOM, just like React. Hopefully even more view engines will follow. I also absolutely love their fix for scoping in blocks, very similar syntax to Ruby ;-) Finally, the one-way data bindings will keep memory usage down on pages with many bindings. No need to bloat the page for static data. As an aside, does anyone have a quick synopsis on their CLI? How does it compare to "standard" build tools like grunt/gulp? Does it compliment them?

11/5/2014 2:16:32 AM
@drewpcodes - you're right. Quite a few of the core committers on Ember are also working on React and are using it in their Ember projects in the sections where performance is critical - nice to see the framework evolving this way. On Ember CLI, my team has just migrated our medium-sized application to Ember CLI and it was a good experience - well worthwhile. This stackoverflow answer might give you the additional info you need -