Reactive MVC and the Virtual DOM

added by JavaScript Kicks
11/3/2014 5:52:53 PM


The web frontend scene is witness to many new frameworks and ways of working. It can be quite annoying when software becomes legacy quicker than ever. But actually, it's just good old innovation happening as it should, because the opportunities for improvement are there. Frameworks come and go, but what remains are the good ideas that they brought to the world. We're going to talk about the good ideas and the not so good ideas.


Dom Barker
11/4/2014 12:57:56 PM
Extremely interesting, and shares some of my thoughts on Flux (is this just a fancy Events Bus).

Robert Greyling
11/4/2014 3:05:34 PM
I think Flux is just a fancy new name on an old pattern. CQRS has been doing this for years, but Flux does sound way cooler :)