Can AngularJS Maintain Its Dominance?

added by Robert Greyling
10/30/2014 4:20:35 PM


There are a lot of frameworks in the JavaScript world. This was true even several years ago, before it became de rigueur to have your own framework in order to join the elite, conference-speaker crowd. Just a couple of years ago, it seemed as though Backbone was on its way to becoming the de facto framework for JavaScript developers. It was beating out more established frameworks like Dojo and keeping upstarts like Knockout and Ember at bay.


Drew Peterson
10/31/2014 12:24:24 AM
I'm not sure it dominated to begin with, but even if it had, I'm ok with it losing its position. Popularity is one thing, stability is another. A stable, but perhaps no longer the most popular, framework can be the go-to framework for many developers on many projects. I would venture far more projects were written only using jQuery in 2014 than Angular. Competition among frameworks is only healthy, and hopefully the Angular project will see some stability, so that those that choose to stick with it can continue choosing it in the future.