Velocity.js - the best of jQuery, jQuery UI, and CSS transitions combined

added by Robert Greyling
10/27/2014 9:39:37 AM


Velocity is an animation engine that re-implements jQuery's $.animate() for significantly greater performance (making Velocity also faster than CSS animation libraries) while including several new features. In just 9Kb zipped, Velocity includes all of $.animate()'s features while packing in color animation, transforms, loops, easings, SVG support, and scrolling. Velocity is the best of jQuery, jQuery UI, and CSS transitions combined.


Drew Peterson
10/27/2014 8:58:46 PM
Definitely an impressive undertaking. I would have liked to see the documentation split into more pages as the one large page was fairly laggy in Firefox.

Julian Shapiro
10/27/2014 10:20:06 PM
Good point. Was a bit of a tradeoff since I wanted someone to be able to scroll around quickly when browsing.

Robert Greyling
10/27/2014 9:29:33 PM
I gotta say though, this was quite a find for me - looking at replacing a bunch of jQuery animation in one of our Angular sites now with this. Just wondering how hard that's gonna be or if there are any examples out there of folks who have already started doing that?

JavaScript Kicks
10/27/2014 9:30:12 PM
We'll see if we can get the author invovled - might be able to point you in the right direction

Julian Shapiro
10/27/2014 10:20:52 PM
there's an angular plugin for velocity's ui pack: i'd like a full-fledged velocity integration into angular. opportunity is there if anyone wants ot take it up!

Robert Greyling
10/27/2014 10:44:46 PM
Great thanks for the pointer Julian! As you say, it's a fair bit of work to dig out all the animation stuff and replace with the custom velocity classes etc, but definitely worth a try given the benefits I think. It would be nice to be able to directly replace, almost "patch" it in, but things might be a little too coupled on the Angular side for that. Could be an interesting experiment though - thanks again for this awesome library :)