Setting up AngularJS, Jasmine, and Karma in Visual Studio

added by Robert Greyling
10/23/2014 2:26:11 PM


I’ve recently been tasked to research AngularJS to use on top of Visual Studio. After reading the official tutorial, unofficial tutorials, and Manning’s early access AngularJS in Action and Getting MEAN (which stands for mongoDB/Express/AngularJS/Node.js), I found that there are too few guides for Windows users. If you’re like me, you probably are running into issues installing and running karma, would like to run Javascript tests in the convenience of the Test Explorer (or Resharper), and want to let NuGet handle all of your package updating (bower is great, but not for .NET environments). Well, this tutorial is here to help! We’ll get you up and running with AngularJS, Jasmine, and Karma.