24 Months with TypeScript

added by JavaScript Kicks
10/20/2014 12:08:42 PM


It has been 24 months since I started working with TypeScript with our project at Harland Clarke. We were a very early adopter but even then 0.8 showed great signs of improving our team workflow and enabling us to build/maintain a large JS codebase. At the time, we figured that the quality of the JS output was clean enough that if TypeScript was abandoned we could continue development from the raw JS. Since then we have migrated the codebase across every release of TS and have a team of 5 actively maintaining and advancing the application(s). Overall it has been a great experience and has taught me a great deal about Javascript and team development.


Drew Peterson
10/20/2014 6:13:51 PM
I have started using Typescript on all our green-field development, but what I really want to do is bring it into our brown-field ASP.Net webforms projects. I think the compile-time checking is going to flag a lot of errors that we don't currently know exist. Does anyone have any brown-field success stories with Typescript?