Javascript library to build beautiful Kartograph maps

added by Robert Waggott
10/16/2014 10:12:41 AM


What's a [Kartograph]( map? [Here's]( an example.


J Hall
10/16/2014 4:56:37 PM
Followed title to the github repo, and this lib looks awesome. Output to SVG was a very good choice :) Am I the only one that's not able to click the link in the markdown ("Here's")?

Robert Greyling
10/16/2014 5:49:23 PM
Hmm, looks like my sanitizer is feeling a little strong - I'll have to check and see what that's not working - job for the weekend :)

Drew Peterson
10/17/2014 4:28:02 AM
I wonder, does javascript lack the necessary image manipulation libraries to replace the python library? It would be wonderful to keep it all in the same stack. The line simplification algorithm could be implemented in javascript, but a replacement for GDAL might be a little slow in js. Perhaps asm.js could be leveraged for something like that?

J Hall
10/17/2014 6:51:46 PM
@drewpcodes, Do you mean using a js to implement those procedures in Node? I don't know anything about bench-marking Node v.s. Python on the server, but maybe someone else can point the way...

Drew Peterson
10/17/2014 8:33:05 PM
Yup, that's exactly what I mean. The benchmarking could be as simple as using the unix time command to time how long it takes to run N number of iterations of the algorithms in a simple node script vs a python script, assuming someone took the time to implement it in javascript. The alternative would be to perform the calculations as part of a GET request and time the results using ApacheBench.