Load Fonts with WebStorage API

added by J Hall
10/14/2014 8:04:30 PM


Great idea for serving font data via client-side storage, as well as some other font optimizations


Bob Senoff
10/14/2014 8:25:21 PM
@averyj seems like a story for you.

Robert Greyling
10/14/2014 9:02:36 PM
This is great John! Also is a story for us - think we could get some benefit since we use Google Web Fonts

James Avery
10/14/2014 9:44:52 PM
The problem with this approach is that it causes the dreaded switch. When I went to the post I saw the font one way and then it switched. I would rather not see any content than see it jump around, could probably build a delay in when loading fonts though...

J Hall
10/15/2014 4:39:40 PM
@averyj , I did not notice that during the first read, but I see what you mean when I revisit the post. Most users, like me, probably won't notice, but if your client/audience is the discerning type, I think a page full of text is probably a bad start. I like how JSK starts with a simple header and waits until the page has initialized before rendering the story list. Ever since the decline of Flash, site intros have become a lost art :)