Bug confirmed in Safari, Express won't be changing

added by Dom Barker
10/14/2014 9:34:46 AM


Safari (and mobile Safari) exhibits some weird behaviour in private browsing mode. This has caused some soul searching in the express community about how to fix it. Having looked at nginx and apache, it's been decided to leave express as it is. Apple aren't going to fix the bug, so you will need to implement something yourself if your users are having issues


Robert Greyling
10/14/2014 9:47:31 AM
Hey Dom, great to have you join us! I'm sure @jon_george1 put you up to it :) So are we saying this bug only affects Express, or is it in general for anything running on nginx/apache? I'm assuming the 304 will affect any framework running client side with caching right?

Dom Barker
10/14/2014 10:01:47 AM
No, this bug affects many things. The guys at express have made a conscious decision to not hack round it on discovering that nginx and apache handle the dodgy requests in the same way.

Drew Peterson
10/14/2014 1:17:59 PM
Just from quickly perusing the comments, my understanding is that Safari is the real problem here, correct? Do you know if anyone has submitted this issue with a repro to Apple?

Dom Barker
10/14/2014 1:22:32 PM
Yep, Apple said they aren't going to fix it. See the 'further reading' section here: https://github.com/Dakuan/jumanji