JSK Weekly - 5th June, 2024

What are higher order functions? Put simply, higher order functions are functions that operate on other functions either by taking them as arguments or by returning them. This is what makes them “higher order” — they’re operating on a higher level than regular functions.

Why are they so cool? By passing functions as arguments or returning them as results, you can create more modular code that can be easily customized and adapted to different situations. This is a key principle of functional programming, which emphasizes the use of small, composable functions that can be combined in different ways to solve complex problems. Check out "Higher order functions" for all the details.


Other popular stories this week include "A Full-Stack Web App Using Angular and GraphQL: Part 1" on Syncfusion, "SurviveJS - What did I learn by rewriting this site" and "JavaScript patterns - Pyramid of doom"


ECMAScript 2024 features: resizing and transferring ArrayBuffers

In this blog post, we examine ArrayBuffer features that were introduced in ECMAScript 2024: "In-place resizable ArrayBuffers", proposed by Shu-yu Guo "ArrayBuffer.prototype.transfer and friends" proposed by Shu-yu Guo, Jordan Harband and Yagiz Nizipli

Authored by: Axel Rauschmayer

Big Gulps, huh? (JS Party #324)

Jerod &amp; KBall discuss what's new in the world of web development: the State of HTML survey results, Node 22, React Compiler, React 19 Beta, vlt.sh &amp; the Gulp (!) Developer Survey.

Authored by: JS Party

SurviveJS - What did I learn by rewriting this site

If you have used this site earlier, you might have noticed it looks different now. That is because I did a massive rewrite of it. I had the following ...

Authored by: SurviveJS

The Era Of Platform Primitives Is Finally Here

Application frameworks have built whole ecosystems on top of them. Let's take a closer look at serverless platforms such as Netlify's [Platform Primitives](https://www.netlify.com/platform/primitives) and explore how they can increase our productivity with a serverless fullstack experience.

Authored by: Smashing Magazine


JavaScript patterns - Pyramid of doom

In this post, I will introduce you to the concept of the pyramid of doom. Although the pattern is not typical anymore, it is good to know how you migh...

Authored by: SurviveJS

What is Prototypal Inheritance in JavaScript? Explained with Code Examples

Prototypal inheritance can feel like a complex concept shrouded in technical jargon. But fear not! This guide will break it down using clear, relatable examples that go beyond the typical textbook explanations. We'll ditch the confusing terms and focus on real-world scenarios that you can easily understand. By the

Authored by: JavaScript Kicks

The JavaScript Interview Prep Handbook - Essential Topics to Know + Code Examples

JavaScript is a widely used language in web development and powers interactive features of virtually every website out there. JavaScript makes it possible to create dynamic web pages and is very versatile. JavaScript remains one of the most in-demand programming languages in 2024. Many companies are looking for proficiency in

Authored by: Nkunal25


A Full-Stack Web App Using Angular and GraphQL: Part 1

This is the first of a series of articles that will walk you through the process of creating a full-stack web application using Angular, .NET, and GraphQL with the SQL server as a database.

Authored by: Syncfusion

Build Multi-Parent Hierarchical Trees with Angular Diagram Library

Hierarchical trees with multiple parents are also known as directed acyclic graphs (DAGs). They are powerful tools to represent complex relationships in various domains.

The Syncfusion Angular Diagram Library offers comprehensive features to create hierarchical diagrams with multiple parents. With these features and an intuitive API, you’ll be able to visualize intricate relationships with ease.

Authored by: Syncfusion


What is React's useActionState and useFormStatus?

React Server Actions are an awesome way to pass data to and from your React client and server. Like all functions, they need a way to return data.

Authored by: Unicorn Utterances

React 19 beta is out!

We take a look at some of the new Hooks and APIs React 19 brings and how they improve how we build our React applications.

Authored by: Hassan Djirdeh


Generate QR code on your machine using Node.js

Generate QR code on your machine using Node.js / I spoke at an event last week, and on the very last slide, I had a QR code that was supposed to lead people to my contacts page. Well, it didn't. I used a service for "free" QR code generation, and the link expired.

Authored by: Krasimir Tsonev

Sending Emails with Node.js, Nodemailer, MJML and Amazon SES

In fact, the ability to send messages electronically between computers predates the internet. Despite its age, the technology remains one of the most important, widely-supported ways to communicate...

Authored by: Bret Cameron

Libraries and Tools

Are You Evolving with your Developer Tools? on Web Rush #282

Liam Hampton talks about his top picks for developer tools, how GitHub Actions can be a way to level up, what the Azure Developer CLI is, and the struggles of learning new languages as a developer.

Authored by: John Papa

Functional Programming

Higher order functions

To dig deeper in our functional rabbit hole, we have to meet higher order functions. Then we would have more Options as well ;) Put simply, higher order functions are functions that operate on other...

Authored by: Soós Gábor