JSK Weekly - 31 January, 2024

While working on an angular component having multiple api’s to call to get the desired result we want to call them in parallel (just like we remember doing it with $q.all() from angular). Not to worry we have forkJoin from RxJs to do the job.

Use case: There are cases where we need to make multiple HTTP requests and we need to wait until we get the requests resolved from all the HTTP requests for rendering the view. That’s where we need some function which can make these calls parallel and give us array of observables in one place. Want to read more? Check out "Parallel calls in Angular like $q from AngularJs"


Other popular stories this week include "Building Reusable JavaScript Development Environments", "Logging like a lumberjack: crafting custom loggers in aurelia 2" and "Vite vs Create React App in 2024" on Bits and Pieces.


Implementing The Sidecar Pattern in a Microservices Based Application

Build loosely coupled microservices by offshoring cross cutting concerns onto a sidecar with the help of the sidecar pattern in microservices, and learn how to build your very own sidecar implementation using Node.js

Authored by: Bit

How to type fixed string value combinations with template literal types

Learn how to define TypeScript types for date strings or version numbers using template literal types.

Authored by: stefan judis

Exploring the Bounds of Jamstack on What the Jam

A post by Zach Leatherman (zachleat)

Authored by: Zach Leatherman

5 Ways to Publish Multiple Packages in 2024

Leverage Bit, CI/CD Pipelines, Package Managers, Lerna or Yarn Workspaces to publish NPM Packages in 2024!

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3 Ways To Detect Circular Dependencies In JavaScript Projects

Leverage ESLint, GitHub Actions or Bit to detect circular dependencies in a JavaScript project

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Getting Started With Generators in JS

Generators in JavaScript are a powerful feature introduced in ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) that allows a function to yield multiple values over time, pausing its execution between each yield and resuming it...

Authored by: In Plain English

Building Reusable JavaScript Development Environments

Building a reusable JavaScript development environment is a key practice for enhancing efficiency and maintaining consistency across projects. In this article, we'll explore the essential components...

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Parallel calls in Angular like $q from AngularJs

While working on an angular component having multiple api's to call to get the desired result we want to call them in parallel (just like we remember doing it with $q.all() from angular). Not to...

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Creating Custom Library with Angular

While working in enterprise level projects we create a lot of common code which reduces considerable amount of extra lines. There are multiple ways to create it i.e. common projects, utilities...

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Vite vs Create React App in 2024

Vite offers support for multiple frameworks, instant hot reloading but yet has a bit more hands-on configuration to do than Create React App. So which one should you use?

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How to quickly spin up a basic forum with React Server

We added a basic community to the home page and wanted to share how you can quickly host your own forum with React Server. You can visit the community over at https://state-less.cloud/community to...

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Logging Like a Lumberjack: Crafting Custom Loggers in Aurelia 2 - I Like Kill Nerds

Once upon a console, in the deep, dark woods of an Aurelia 2 application, there was a developer who wanted to chop down the forest of confusion and carve out their own path with a custom logger. If you're like this brave code-warrior, ready to leave the beaten track of default logging behind, then grab [...]

Authored by: Dwayne Charrington