JSK Weekly - August 15, 2018

Most of the stories this week is cover the "big players" Angular and React.

We recommend great React and React Native articles like "JavaScript essentials for React developers" by Gurinder Singh Shergill and "11 React Native Component Libraries You Should Know in 2018" by Jonathan Saring.

For Angular and Vue developers we have a special treat. Both frameworks announced exciting news related to their CLIs.

Victor Savkin announced the release of "Angular Console — The UI for the Angular CLI" while Evan You make announcements for new Vue CLI in his article "Vue CLI 3.0 is here!".

Make sure to check out all the details about newest and greatest CLI improvements.


WebAssembly: How and why

How to run native code in the browser, why would you do that, and what does it all mean for JavaScript and the future of web development In every browser, whether you use Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari, code is interpreted and executed by a JavaScript engine - which only runs JavaScript.

Authored by: LogRocket

Continuous Deployment Pipelines and Open-Source Node.js Web Apps

TL;DR: In this article, you will learn how to configure a Continuous Deployment pipeline for your open-source web apps. For demonstration purposes, you will use Now.sh, GitHub, and Travis CI to automate the pipeline. However, the strategy can actually be used with other programming languages (e.g.

Authored by: Idee @ConcatenateConf

What are Environment Variables? The use case.

Environment Variables have always been very handy and bit of a attraction whenever someone is building an application or working on an existing Project. They are basically the hints or handy tools of information which can be and should be used during the development of any Project. No. But Seriously!

Authored by: codeburst.io

Design Pattern in javascript

Design Pattern in javascript

Authored by: Codementor

Computer Science Fundamentals With JavaScript Examples

JavaScript is not the language of choice to teach computer science, at least when I was in school. My university algorithms and data structures course was taught in Java.

Authored by: codeburst.io


Understanding Javascript Prototypes

Never heard of prototypes in JavaScript? Heard of them but still don't quite understand them? Hopefully this post will help clear up some of the mystery around what JavaScript Prototypes are and why you should care. If you aren't familiar at all with prototypes, they come into play when you start working with objects and inheritance in JavaScript.

Authored by: Codementor

Setting up constants via proxies

In this blog post, a describe a little hack for quickly setting up constants (think enum values, but not wrapped inside a namespace). It is more an educational puzzle than something you should actually use in your code.

Authored by: Axel Rauschmayer

Array Chunking

By array chunking, I mean taking an entire array and creating one array containing smaller subarrays of the original array's elements. Not only is this a commonly asked concept on technical interviews, but I can also see how there may be use cases for it when ordering or organizing a dataset.

Authored by: Ryan Farney


Angular Console - The UI for the Angular CLI

Today we are happy to announce Angular Console - the UI for the Angular CLI. Angular CLI transformed the Angular ecosystem. We no longer have to spend time maintaining our webpack configurations, figuring out how to make tests run, fixing source maps - the CLI does this for us.

Authored by: Victor Savkin

Biometric Authentication (Face & Fingerprint) on iOS and Android using Ionic 3/Angular

Hi guys! In this tutorial, I'd be explaining how to start up and integrate the Fingerprint and Face Biometric Authentication to an Ionic 3 App (Remember we used to work with Ionic 1?). Well, Ionic has in recent times made several upgrades to their Framework.

Authored by: Nihinlola

What Are The New Features of Angular 6, The JavaScript Framework

The newly launched & highest in the talk are the features of Angular 6, the just in a version of the javascript framework. While the measure of new highlights is insignificant or less, a ton has…

Authored by: Codementor

Making an Addable Angular Package Using Schematics

Let's try to create an Angular library that's consumable easily by making an "ng add" schematic. This library will provide a simple exported Angular Element. " Angular CLI is the best thing which happened to Angular" - that's how I was thinking for a long time.

Authored by: Nitay Neeman

BigSexy Poems Uses Angular And The Datamuse API To Help You Write Poetry

Ben Nadel showcases BigSexy Poems, an Angular application that uses the Datamuse API to create a poetry-writing surface that brings together the power of syllable counts with rhyme and synonym suggestions. Let your BigSexy out!

Authored by: Ben Nadel

Angular 6 FireBase Gallery - WITH Authentication

Hello Friends. This tutorial is an extension to the FireBase Gallery application tutorial. This tutorial aims at including various authentication mechanisms to our gallery application. This includes:1. Email and password based authentication2. Federated identity provider integration ( Google, Facebook, GitHub )3. SignUp4. Send Password Reset Email.

Authored by: codeburst.io


Data fetching in Redux apps - a 100% correct approach

Redux is a great tool that solves one of the main problems of UI frameworks: state management. State management on the client side can quickly grow into a nightmare, and the unidirectional flow of data Redux enforces makes it easy to understand how events alter the state of your application.

Authored by: Ohans Emmanuel

11 React Native Component Libraries You Should Know in 2018

11 Best React Native UI component libraries and toolkits to use in your 2018 applications. Discover NativeBase, React native elements, Shoutem, UI Kitten, React Native Material UI, Material Kit & more

Authored by: Bit

React OAuth Authentication with Firebase

Build a secure React app that provides takes advantage of Firebase simplicity to consume OAuth Authentication with GitHub, Twitter and Facebook. For an app to be secure, we usually need to implement some kind of authentication, whether it is the basic username/password combo or a two-factor authentication.

Authored by: Esau Silva

JavaScript essentials for React developers

There are some very powerful features in JavaScript that every React developer should know. Lets get started to discuss these features.

Authored by: codeburst.io

React Context API: Managing State with Ease

TL;DR: The React Context API isn't a new thing on React's ecosystem. However, the React's 16.3.0 release brought a lot of improvements to this API. These improvements are so overwhelming that they greatly reduce the need for Redux and other advanced state management libraries.

Authored by: Auth0

Computed Properties in React

Frameworks like Vue have the notion of "computed properties" - a way to derive some new, possibly complex data based on something passed in. This post covers how to achieve the same result in React. The "React way" to handle computing derived data is to compute it in the render method (or in the function body, if it's a stateless component).

Authored by: Dave Ceddia


Vue CLI 3.0 is here!

Over the past few months, we've been working really hard on the next generation of Vue CLI, the standard build toolchain for Vue applications. Today we are thrilled to announce the release of Vue CLI 3.0 and all the exciting features that come with it.

Authored by: Evan You

Building a long press directive in Vue

Have you ever wanted to execute a function in your Vue application just by holding a button down for a few seconds? Have you ever wanted to create a button on your application that helps to clear out either a single input by pressing once (or a whole input holding a button down)?

Authored by: Nosakhare Obaseki

Vuex - the enterprise setup

Vuex is the official state management library for Vue.js, with a really great documentation. In my opinion, it is much nicer to use than Redux as it requires less boilerplate code and supports async actions without any additional libraries. Moreover, since it is being developed by the core Vue.js team, it integrates with Vue extremely well.

Authored by: Codementor


Using Strapi for Node.js Content Management with a React SPA

Node.js and React are two of the most powerful tools in the JavaScript ecosystem. In this tutorial, we use Strapi for Node.js content management and strap it to a React frontend, resulting in a full JS SPA.

Authored by: Snipcart

Libraries and Tools

24 JavaScript Libraries for Creating Beautiful Charts

This article provides a quick overview of 24 JavaScript libraries for creating charts and graphs - from heavy-duty libraries like D3.js to some super-simple options for representing data quickly and beautifully.

Authored by: Syed Fazle Rahman

How to Use a jQuery Grid UI Component - Part 2

Learn how to use the editing features of the Kendo UI grid component including incell, inline, and popup editing modes. In my previous article on the Grid, you learned how to create a Grid in Kendo UI from an existing table and how to build one from a data source.

Authored by: Telerik


A quick and complete guide to Mocha testing

2. Using promises If you are developing in an environment with support for promises, it's likely that most of the asynchronous operations will be based on promises. Mocha also makes it possible for you to test asynchronous code that uses promises.

Authored by: Glad Chinda

Visual regression testing with BackstopJS

The larger a project, the more time you will spend on regression testing after each change. BackstopJS is a tool which can help you to reduce efforts for this process A change in one component can lead to undesirable changes in other elements. Often, it's only visual changes.

Authored by: codeburst.io


Tutorial: Two-factor authentication with Meteor and TOTP

This is a guest post by Timo Horstschaefer , co-founder of , the missing accounting software for your cap table-built with Meteor. At Ledgy, we deeply care about our customer's security and privacy. This is why we implemented a new two-factor authentication (2FA) system for Meteor.

Authored by: Meteor

Designing as a Developer in 2018

Whether you're building a product, a tool, a website, a service, or a startup: first impressions are everything. Users inherently gravitate towards products they can trust, products that feel legitimate and provide a sense of security. A website that looks like it was designed by a child always make users feel safw and sound.

Authored by: LogRocket

Learning Web Development in 2018

Learning web development in 2018 is overwhelming. There's just so damn much to learn. The JavaScript ecosystem is growing more quickly than any other. There is. So. Damn. Much. Guides to becoming a web developer look like the freaking flying spaghetti monster.

Authored by: Kevin Ball