What JS libraries are first on your list for new projects?

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Robert Greyling
4/20/2015 9:19:51 PM
I'll kick this off by giving a shoutout to [moment.js](http://momentjs.com/) and its counterpart [moment timezone](http://momentjs.com/timezone/) - I pretty much always end up bringing these into my projects even when at first it didn't look necessary. Something that's recently started to concern me though is the creeping up in size as more features are added. I suspect this will need to be addressed soon if it keep growing, but for now it's in my must have list.

Dom Barker
4/21/2015 5:48:40 AM
@RobertTheGrey moment is awesome and gets used in all of my projects too. It's not the file size that should worry you - it's the fact that moments are mutable. If you pass a moment to a function which does something like addDays then all the references to it will change too. It's a fun bug when it happens!

Dom Barker
4/21/2015 5:49:38 AM
http://ramdajs.com/ is my can't live without at the moment. Replaced lodash entirely now and enforces good practices (eg not assuming that arrays / maps hold their order)

Manjunath DS
5/7/2015 1:51:49 PM
Forgotten for loops after using http://underscorejs.org/ , and jStorage comes handy in many places...