JSK Weekly - July 07, 2021

Did you miss us? We skipped straight into the first week of July in a blink! Since we're halfway through the year now, let's look at some year specific articles.

Juan Cruz Martinez provides us with a collection of extensions in "The best VS Code extensions for JavaScript developers for 2021" and Rencybeth walks us through some "Angular Best Practices: Why You Need Angular Best Practices in 2021?"


The Need for Optimistic Concurrency in SPAs

When storing records on a database, optimistic concurrency is implemented primarily by using version numbers or timestamps for a particular record. Meaning that whenever a record is updated, logic can be executed that compares the version number of the record being saved to the version stored in the database.

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Is Web Design and Web Development the Same?

If you are looking for a career path in Web Technology, you should know who is a Web Developer, Web Designer, and their differences. In the initial stage of learning Web technologies, most designers and developers get confused between these two terms and often use them interchangeably.

Authored by: JavaScript In Plain English

Why is NanoID Replacing UUID?

UUID is one of the most used universal identifiers in software development. However, over the past few years, other alternatives challenged its existence. So, in this article, I will discuss the...

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`export default thing` is different to `export { thing as default }`

Dominic Elm DM'd me on Twitter to ask me questions about circular dependencies, and, well, I didn't know the answer. After some testing, discussion, and *ahem* chatting to the V8 team, we figured it out, but I learned something new about JavaScript along the way.

Authored by: Jake Archibald

How to Update or Change UI Component in Many Applications

A couple of months ago a world-class web infrastructure team arrived at the bit.dev platform. It was a large Fortune-50 tech company working on 600+ modern apps worldwide. They build tools I use every week. This large company had a very particular problem to solve: How to update their company logo in 600+ UI applications.

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What is JWT and What is it Used For?

JWT is something that a newbie to the programming world doesn't come across too often, but in my opinion is an absolutely necessary thing to learn, even if it is just to understand the concept. JWT stands for JSON Web Token, and JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation.

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Top 5 In-Demand Programming Language To Learn For Freelancers

The world has expanded with the rise of the internet. In current times the online world is staying up ahead and serving people. People are taking healthy advantage of the online world these days. Earning from the online world has been more accessible and convenient for people.

Authored by: livecodestream

Did you know you can build a PWA with a Notion page?

If you're a Notion user, chances are you've stumbled upon one of these new Notion-to-Website converters. Products like Super, Fruition or Potion take your Notion pages and turn them into a fully-fledged website - hosted on a custom domain, with improved SEO and prettier URLs. As the maker of Progressier, I thought...

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How to Use Promise.all()

In simple words, a promise is a placeholder for a value that's going to be available sometime later. They're really useful when handling asynchoronous operations. JavaScript provides a helper function Promise.all(promisesArrayOrIterable) that allows to handle multiple promises at once, in parallel, and then get the result in a single aggregate array.

Authored by: Dmitri Pavlutin


The best VS Code extensions for JavaScript developers for 2021

A collection with the best VS Code extension for JavaScript developers.

Authored by: livecodestream

What are Prototypes in JavaScript? - JavaScript Interview Series

Prototypes. One of the most important topics in JavaScript and one that is regularly visited in JavaScript interviews. In this article, we will study prototypes in detail. So, let's get started. Let's speak of an analogy before we dive deep into the concept of prototypes in JavaScript.

Authored by: JavaScript In Plain English

JavaScript - Base64 Data URLs Outside of the Latin1 Range

It is often handy to create downloadable content on the fly using JavaScript. Sometimes you may want to do so while also encoding the contents as base64. That is where the btoa() function comes in handy.

Authored by: JavaScript Kicks

JavaScript Operators - What are Unary Operators?

A unary operation is an operation that involves only one operand. This means that there is an operator followed by just one value - or operand - that then produces a result from the operation. The delete operator will remove a property from an object. This includes arrays.

Authored by: Robert Laws

How Exactly Does the 'new' Keyword work in JavaScript?

Knowing how exactly things work in programming languages is very crucial for programmers rather than assuming the way they work. This allows you to tackle problems differently and come up with efficient solutions. And I would say that it gives you confidence in your code.

Authored by: JavaScript In Plain English

Guide to Understanding Classes in JavaScript

When you think about and Object Oriented Programming as a paradigm, JavaScript is probably not the first language that comes to mind. In this guide, we are going to try and push JavaScript further up the list of associations, discussing how to apply Object Oriented Principles while writing JavaScript code.

Authored by: StackAbuse

Important String Methods in JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the best and most popular programming languages. The language is high-level, frequently just-in-time compiled, and multi-paradigm. The String object is used to represent and operate a sequence of characters. In today's post, I will try to explain the Strings in JavaScript. We use Strings for holding data.

Authored by: Mansoor Ahmed


Angular Best Practices: Why You Need Angular Best Practices in 2021?

AngularJS is one of the best open-source JavaScript frameworks powered by Google for producing front-end applications. Its following versions were counted Angular 2 and forward. Google published...

Authored by: Frontend Weekly

How to open link in a new tab in Angular

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about how to open link in a new tab in Angular app. Normally, we create a link in Angular using the a element with routeLink attribute. If we click on the above link, it will open a Users page in the same tab.

Authored by: Sai gowtham


A Simple Guide to Component Props in React

To start using React you don't have to learn a lot. Learn the concept of components, state, props, and hooks - and you know how to use React. In this post, you'll read a simple but pragmatic guide on how to use props on React components. A component is an encpasulated piece of logic.

Authored by: Dmitri Pavlutin

How to Set Up Airbnb Style Guide for React Projects

Even if you are the only developer on a project, maintaining a consistent code style becomes more difficult as time goes on. That is why we need a style guide. Style guides are written so that new developers may quickly become comfortable with a code base and then generate code that other developers can understand.

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How to Dynamically Load Scripts in React

Since our website is in React, I am going to use hooks for loading script dynamically. useExternalScript.js: import { useEffect, useState } from "react"; export const useExternalScript = (url) => { let script = document.querySelector(`script[src="${url}"]`); let [state, setState] = useState(url ? "loading" : "idle"); const handleScript = (e) => { setState(e.type === "load" ?

Authored by: Amrish Kushwaha

Integrating SAWO Labs Authentication + Create React App

Hello there! I was working on building a simple authentication application using SAWO Labs. During the process, I found that there was a need to know more than what the official documentation provided. Here then is a brief walkthrough to help you integrate SAWO Labs authentication with a React application.

Authored by: Abir - #MSFTStudentAmbassador


Why you should choose Aurelia over React - I Like Kill Nerds

The popularity of React is undeniable. When bright-eyed developers think about creating a new app, React is usually the first thing that crosses their minds. React has all become the defacto front-end library of choice. React is comfortable. React is familiar. React is used by almost everyone.

Authored by: Dwayne Charrington


Vue Js Dynamic jQuery DataTables Tutorial Example - positronX.io

If you want to know how to create a dynamic table in Vue js using the jQuery Datatables, then get along till the end of this tutorial. The primary use of a data table is to display data in an easy manner so that a user can easily scan the data in one go.

Authored by: Digamber Singh


Reasons Why Node.js and React are Hand and Glove for Web Development

So, the other day, there was this debate among my peers with our new clients regarding what could be the best frontend option that could work out well with their Node.js. And after considering numerous pros and cons lists of various frontend technologies, React seemed the perfect partner for the Node.js backend.

Authored by: JavaScript In Plain English

Node.js Best Practices for Beginners and Experts Alike

One can create lightweight, non-blocking, scalable, fast, and robust server-side web applications by writing javascript code outside the browser. Today, we will discuss some useful Node.js best...

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Golang vs. Node.js: Who Trumps the Battle of Backend Frameworks?

The backend of your application is truly the essential part of your product. No matter how much you appreciate the design, the application's success lies in its backend. A scalable backend that...

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Managing Secrets in Node.js with HashiCorp Vault - Coder Society

As the number of services grows in an organization, the problem of secret management only gets worse. Between Zero Trust and the emergence of microservices, handling secrets such as tokens, credentials, and keys has become an increasingly challenging task. That's where a solution like HashiCorp's Vault can help organizations solve their secret management woes.

Authored by: Kentaro Wakayama


It's A (Front-End Testing) Trap! Six Common Testing Pitfalls And How To Solve Them

When writing front-end tests, you'll find a lot of pitfalls along the way. In sum, they can lead to lousy maintainability, slow execution time, and - in the worst case - tests you cannot trust. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Authored by: Smashing Magazine

How to Keep Cypress Tests in Another Repo While Using CircleCI

How to keep the tests in sync with the features, while keeping them in separate repositories and running CircleCI workflows. Imagine you are developing a web application and deploying it to preview environments using Vercel. How do you run the tests that reside in a separate repo?

Authored by: Gleb Bahmutov