JSK Weekly - January 06, 2021

Happy New Year Everyone! We're looking forward to year jam packed with excellence so let's kick off with some Top stories! Bharti Purohit takes us through the "Top 7 Mobile App Development Trends that will Rule 2021", Eric Elliott gets the momentum going in "Top JavaScript Frameworks and Tech Trends for 2021" and Juan Cruz Martinez shares his collection of "The best VS Code extensions for JavaScript developers for 2021".


Using GitHub Container Registry in Practice

Let's imagine you have docker images already in the GitHub Packages Docker registry and want to migrate them to GitHub Container Registry. How can you do that? Well, there are a few things you should keep in mind before the migration. GitHub Container Registry uses a new domain i.e.

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Top 7 Mobile App Development Trends that will Rule 2021

All of us have so many expectations from 2021, and we are eagerly waiting for it like anything! All of us would like to want to forget 2020 even happened, right? Well, the year was like a nightmare for some industries, but it wasn't as horrible for the IT companies.

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Refactoring Existing Redux w/ Redux Toolkit & Hooks

Above you can also see we are exporting 'increaseCount' as an action of storeSlice. This is the dispatch method that we will ultimately call within our App component. This now leaves one last export that we're missing which deals with subscribing to state.

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These 4 Websites Will Improve Your Web Development Efficiency

I want to recommend four websites to improve the efficiency of web development. As a programmer with many years of web development experience, I know the importance of tools for efficiency. These four websites are all used very frequently. Let's start!

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Vanilla Hooks (outside React)

Hooks are a pattern, not something usable with React library only, and this post would like to explain, and walk through, some interesting possibility. Hooks are nothing more, and nothing less, than a wrap around a generic callback.

Authored by: Andrea Giammarchi

4 Ways to Reduce CORS Preflight Time in Web Apps

Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) is an agreement between web browsers and web servers across origins. This agreement allows servers to decide what resources are allowed to access outside it's hosted domain/sub-domain and instruct the browsers to follow the rules.

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How To Become a Web Developer in 2021

In my schooldays, while browsing the web I always wanted to design a website of my own. I am sure Everyone would have thought the same - a website of their own or a personal portfolio showcasing their work, skills, and achievements or a Start-Up/Business website.

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Exciting Features in NextJS V10

NextJS 10 provides an all in one starter kit for eCommerce sites. NextJS is borrowing the idea of headless CMS sites and applying it to eCommerce. If you are building an eCommerce web app with React, NextJS Commerce will help you jump-start the development with inbuilt features fundamental to eCommerce.

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Browser Storage Options and Their State in 2021

Modern web browsers offer several storage options for web applications. And each storage option is unique and has its properties and applications. In this article, I will be diving into five browser...

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20 Award-Winning 13-Kilobyte JavaScript Games You Can Play in Your Browser - js13k 2020 Winners

In this article, I am going to show you 20 award-winning JavaScript games from the JS13kGames competition. So in other words, you're going to see 20 great examples of code from 20 insanely talented developers. If you haven't heard of the JS13kGames competition, you are in for a treat.

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A Simple Guide to Breadth First Search in JavaScript

Well, let's just say that's what I'm trying to do today. So - edits and comments very welcome! If you have not run into it already - breadth first search is an algorithm that visits nodes in a specific order - first the root node, then it's adjacent nodes.

Authored by: Kelsey Shiba

Top JavaScript Frameworks and Tech Trends for 2021

Happy New Year! It's time to review the big trends in JavaScript and technology in 2020 and consider our momentum going into 2021. Our aim is to highlight the learning topics and technologies with...

Authored by: Eric Elliott

The best VS Code extensions for JavaScript developers for 2021

A collection with the best VS Code extension for JavaScript developers.

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Try/Catch in JavaScript - How to Handle Errors in JS

Bugs and errors are inevitable in programming. A friend of mine calls them unknown features :). Call them whatever you want, but I honestly believe that bugs are one of the things that make our work as programmers interesting.

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Tips for Coding TypeScript with VSCode

If you've ever used a strongly typed language such as JAVA with such a powerhouse of an IDE like Eclipse, and then went on to try JavaScript, you would be very disappointed. Not because of the...

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Making Snow Animations In Angular 11.0.5

Way back in the day, when I was a developer at Koko Interactive, we used to send out Macromedia-Flash-based Christmas cards. These cards often had some sort of snow-flake animations in which lots of little dots danced their way down the screen using ActionScript and timeline sprites.

Authored by: Ben Nadel


Jump Start Your ECommerce Web App Using React Storefronts

Today, shops have gone digital. You can find many businesses seeking e-commerceplatforms to go online. If you plan to provide a personalized e-commerce experience to your customers, most of you might look to develop one from the ground up. Here, the challenge is that it takes time and effort, delaying the time to market.

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Dockerizing React App

Make your app more awesome. 😎😎😎 Docker is an open-source containerization platform. Docker enables developers to package applications into containers - standardized executable components that combine application source code with all the operating system (OS) libraries and dependencies required to run the code in any environment.

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Document Your React Applications The Right Way

Every now and then you come across a new library that has no example to play with it. No code example or look and feel. If this ever happened to you you are not alone. We all can feel the pain of...

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How to Create a Custom Table Component in React

Tables are everywhere. Even if the web (thankfully) moved away from using tables to layout sites, you will still find tables in many places. Many lists are built from tables. User grids, preferences, favorites, feeds, etc. Because tables are everywhere, you, as a React developer, will find yourself doing one of two things: Using a library to build tables or manually building your own.

Authored by: Justin Hunter

Using Images in React Native

A few hours ago, I was working on a piece of React Native code that required dynamic image exports off the file system. Of course, I started with the React Native Image document: https://reactnative.dev/docs/image React Native has some great docs, so after reading this, I figured it would be a piece of cake.

Authored by: Allan Graves

Text File Download in React

Here, we will see how to download a text file using React JS framework. Go through the following steps to for creating a React application to download a text file.

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Working with the Aurelia 2 native portal attribute - I Like Kill Nerds

In Aurelia 2, the ability to portal components has been added in on a framework level. For those who worked with Aurelia 1, you might be accustomed to using a plugin such as the Aurelia Portal Attribute plugin. If you are not familiar with the concept of a portal, it allows you to move elements [...]

Authored by: Dwayne Charrington


Routing in Vue with Vue Router

As I mentioned in my previous post on Routing in React, a lot of frontend frameworks are single page applications. This means that, since you are not doing GET requests to a server every time a user moves between "pages", the URL of the site will not automatically change.

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A Practical Intro to the Vue 3 Composition API

The Composition API is a great way to share application logic between components in Vue.js. Not only can you organize repetitive snippets of code into separate files, you can also make them easily recyclable.

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Top Interview Questions on Node.js Development You Must Know About In 2021

Node.js is one of the most popularly used server-side platforms in recent years. According to a survey by Statista, Node.js is used by around 51.4% of respondents in the year 2020. Nowadays, the majority of the business owners opt for a digital platform to grow their business and Node.js is the most popular technology, people demand it a lot.

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Declarative and Scalable Testing With React Testing Library

React Testing Library is a library designed for testing React components. You may have used Enzyme in the past to test your React components. Where React Testing Library differs from Enzyme is that it renders your tests using actual DOM nodes rather than instances of React components.

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Functional Programming

Why Promises Are Faster Than setTimeout()?

Let's try an experiment. What does execute faster: an immediately resolved promise or an immediate timeout (aka a timeout of 0 milliseconds)? Promise.resolve(1) is a static function that returns an immediately resolved promise. setTimeout(callback, 0) executes the callback with a delay of 0 milliseconds. Open the demo and check the console.

Authored by: Dmitri Pavlutin