JSK Weekly - December 31, 2019

Tomorrow everyone around the globe will be ringing in the New Year and New Decade. We thought a small trip down memory lane would be appropriate! So without further ado, enjoy revisiting some of our top stories for 2019!


Node.js TypeScript #5. Writable streams, pipes, and the process streams

1. Node.js TypeScript #1. Modules, process arguments, basics of the File System2. Node.js TypeScript #2. The synchronous nature of the EventEmitter3. Node.js TypeScript #3. Explaining the Buffer4. Node.js TypeScript #4. Paused and flowing modes of a readable stream5. Node.js TypeScript #5. Writable streams, pipes, and the process streamsIn this article, we continue covering streams, since they ...

Authored by: Marcin Wanago

10 Things You Are Doing Wrong in your Web Components

There are lots of articles detailing how to build a basic Web Component, but almost no article details how to solve some of the gotchas once you start down that road. That's what this article serves to do; point out some of the things every Web Component developer is overlooking and to which they should probably be giving more consideration.

Authored by: arei

Creating a REST API with Express.js and MongoDB

A Node.js with Express and MongoDB tutorial to learn step by step how to create a REST API for CRUD operations which can be consumed by a client application ...

Authored by: Robin Wieruch

Progressive Web Apps VS Native Apps - Why PWAs Win

by Chris Love I get asked all the time why should a business chose a progressive web application over a native application. This makes sense because the traditional choice, at least for about a decade was a mobile app. They have all the coolness and the web was pretty weak.

Authored by: Chris Love


Accessing Nested Objects in JavaScript

Access nested objects in JavaScript without getting choked by 'cannot read property of undefined' error.

Authored by: Dineshkumar Pandiyan

Web App Generators for React, Angular or Vue + NodeJS + SQL, MongoDB or Firebase Firestore

ScaffoldHub is a web app generator that enables you to generate React, Angular or Vue + NodeJS + SQL, MongoDB or Firebase Firestore apps. You model the entities, relationships, fields and validations, and ScaffoldHub generates the source code for you.

Authored by: Felipe Lima

10 JavaScript Utility Functions Made with Reduce

The multi-tool strikes again.

Authored by: Yazeed Bzadough

8 DOM features you didn't know existed

Take a break from all of the React and npm-install-everything posts and take a closer look at some pure DOM and Web API features that work in modern browsers with no dependencies.

Authored by: Louis Lazaris


Kalimdor.js: Machine Learning with TypeScript

Kalimdor.js introduced a new Machine Learning library that works with TypeScript and runs in the browser. How is Kalimdor.js different from other solutions? Machine learning in the browser based on TypeScript and Node.js - this is possible with Kalimdor.js. The idea behind it is by no means new.

Authored by: FrontNet Blog

Authenticating HTTP Requests in Modern Web Apps

Ensure your users are authenticated using modern technologies like Axios, JWT, and TypeScript. Ensuring a user is authenticated is an essential part of creating a modern web application. Today, we'll be looking at a common approach using JWT access and refresh tokens with Axios.

Authored by: gitconnected


How to Use Drag and Drop with the Angular 7 CDK + Kendo UI

Through my travels to many different Angular conferences this past year, I've been asked about using Kendo UI alongside things like Angular Material or the CDK. With the latest updates in Angular 7, I thought this would be a wonderful time to show the Angular CDK peacefully working side-by-side with Kendo UI in an Angular app.

Authored by: Alyssa Nicoll


11 React Application Boilerplates for 2019

Set up your react app with these boilerplates and Kickstarter templates without configurations. Discover create react app, react slingshot, react starter kit, react boilerplate, rekit, redux and more

Authored by: Bit

Build a Customer Support Live Chat Widget with React

Live chat is a customer support method with a proven record. It's fast and efficient since one agent can help many customers at once. Best of all, the quicker you can answer customer's questions during the buying process, the more likely that person is to buy.

Authored by: NathanSebhastian

Recursive React Components

Often times, particularly when dealing with complex nested data, React developers need to re-think the way they're structuring their component trees. In certain cases, when the data requires it, component trees can't be rendered in an iterative fashion, instead React developers must rely on recursion to display their data.

Authored by: Bitovi

When to useLayoutEffect Instead of useEffect

There are two React hooks, useEffect and useLayoutEffect, that appear to work pretty much the same. The way you call them even looks the same. But they're not quite the same. Read on for what makes them different and when to use each.

Authored by: Dave Ceddia


How To Build Android Apps With Node JS Using Android JS

This is post about new Node JS framework for building android app, which provide Node JS runtime environment along with native environment in your app and lots of Native API's.

Authored by: Harendra Chhekur

Node.js & Express with HTTPS in Docker

In our last article on Docker, I showed and demonstrated for you how to run Docker containers with WordPress. Today, I'll show you how to set up a Node.js/Express machine and get it ready to go with HTTPS in order to fully clone a Node.js server.

Authored by: DiscoverSDK

Design patterns in Node.js: a practical guide Blog

Design patterns are part of the day to day of any software developer, whether they realize it or not. In this article, we will look at how to identify these patterns out in the wild and look at how you can start using them in your own projects.

Authored by: LogRocket

Libraries and Tools

Introducing Scene.js JavaScript Library to Create Timeline-Based Animation

Scene.js is a JavaScript timeline-based animation library for creating animation websites. As an animated timeline library, it allows you to create a chronological order of movements and positions of objects.

Authored by: Daybrush (Younkue Choi)


Background Sync with Service Workers

Service workers have been having a moment. In March 2018, iOS Safari began including service workers - so all major browsers at this point support offline options. And this is more important than ever - 20% of adults in the United States are without Internet at home, leaving these individuals relying solely on a cellphone ...

Authored by: David Walsh