JSK Weekly - August 28, 2019

It's the last week of August, the last week of Autumn for some and the last week of Summer for the rest ... but most importantly for all our React developers, it's your last chance to submit a talk to React Day Berlin, so check out "Last chance to submit a talk to React Day Berlin (Dec 6, 2019)" if that's not something you want to miss out on!

Something else to sink your teeth into, especially if you're an Angular Consultant is a great piece by Jennifer Wadella on the Bitovi blog, titled "13 Things an Angular Consultant Needs to Know to Be Successful."

If you're wondering where Socket.IO fits into the realtime landscape today, Ably Realtime examines this, looking into competing technologies/packages, and what the future looks like for the library in "Everything You Need To Know About Socket.IO"


Everything You Need To Know About Socket.IO

This article explores Socket.IO, its main use cases and how to get started. We also help identify ideal use cases for Socket.IO, including signs your app has scaled beyond Socket.IO’s scope for support. This article examines where Socket.IO fits into the realtime landscape today, looking into competing technologies/packages, and what the future looks like for the library.

Authored by: Ably Realtime

Jekyll E-Commerce Tutorial: Add a Shopping Cart to Your Static Website

In a rush? Skip to technical tutorial or live demo The last version of this post dated back to 2016. Since then SSGs have changed, Jekyll has changed, Snipcart has changed; so let's take a fresher look at how to use Jekyll for e-commerce!

Authored by: Snipcart

The state of semantic JSX Blog

Creating platforms for the web has always been as simple as learning to write HTML, throwing in look and feel with some CSS, and then, possibly a bit of JavaScript or any other scripting language for functionality. However, with the advent of JavaScript component frameworks, a lot of concepts have come into play, such as styled-components and JSX( React) (along with many others).

Authored by: LogRocket

Docker for front-end developers Blog

Since Docker's release in 2013, the use of containers has been on the rise, and it's now become a part of the stack in most tech companies out there. Sadly, when it comes to front-end development, this concept is rarely touched. Therefore, when front-end developers have to interact with containerization, they often struggle a lot.

Authored by: LogRocket


How to Write Clean Code: an Overview of JavaScript Best Practices and Coding Conventions

Introduction Coding conventions are style guidelines for programming. They typically cover: * Naming and declaration rules for variables and functions. * Rules for the use of white space, indentation, and comments. * Programming practices and principles In this article, I'm going to cover most important JavaScript code conventions.

Authored by: JavaScript Mastery

What Are JavaScript Programming Paradigms?

What Are JavaScript Programming Paradigms? And where do React Hooks fit in for coding apps in 2019?

Authored by: Dr. Derek Austin ūü•≥

Promises and Static Values

Async can throw a real wrench into the cogs of our programming workflows, all despite the fact that async is the modern JavaScript pattern. While async/await helps, there's sometimes confusion about the way to have a single function that returns a value whether it exists or needs a Promise to retrieve.

Authored by: David Walsh

CSS and JavaScript Animation Tips

In this article, I will discuss browser animations and demonstrate how. The article will be broken into the following sections: Animations are a huge part of making compelling web applications and...

Authored by: gitconnected

8 VS Code Extensions Every Javascript Developer Should Use

VS Code is an open-source and cross-platform editor that many developers have incorporated in their toolset. VS Code is a powerful editor which has various features build into it by default and these features can be extended by these things called extensions . Tired of writing too much console.log ?

Authored by: Bit


13 Things an Angular Consultant Needs to Know to Be Successful

Learn about 13 things Angular Consultants need to know be successful including how to build a brand and how to deal with other people's code with empathy.

Authored by: Bitovi


Last chance to submit a talk to React Day Berlin (Dec 6, 2019)

Take part in the exploration of the React universe! The 3rd edition of the conference is going to take place on Dec 6, uniting 800 devs from Germany and from around the world.

The conference has an open Call for Presentations running until Aug 31. Join the event as a speaker to celebrate all things React (Native) and present your project or idea to engineers who care deeply about their craft.

Authored by: React Day Berlin

React Spring vs Animated Blog

The Animated library is designed to make animations fluid, powerful, and easy to build and maintain. It focuses on declarative relationships between inputs and outputs, with configurable transforms in between, and simple start/ stop methods to control time-based animation execution. React Spring can be seen as an extended version of the Animated library.

Authored by: LogRocket

How to Perform Mobile Geolocation Testing and Why You Need It

This introductory article on geolocation testing is intended for quality assurance (QA) and test engineers working with web applications, and cross-platform (React Native) and native (iOS, Android) mobile applications. It offers step-by-step instructions on how to start geolocation testing on your project, and also describes the pros and cons of several possible approaches.

Authored by: Bit

Methods for tracking action status in Redux Blog

Having worked on a fair share of React and Redux applications, I can't help but notice that many people have a hard time indicating to the user that a given action is currently taking place.

Authored by: LogRocket


Accessing properties globally in Vue.js with prototypes Blog

In this post, you will be introduced to using prototypes in Vue.js to access properties globally instead of using multiple imports in your workflow. This post is suited for developers of all stages, including beginners.

Authored by: LogRocket


How to write your own search engine using Node.js and Elastic Blog

Many people tend to add a lot of mysticism around Google's search algorithm (also known as Page Rank) because it somehow always manages to show us the result we're looking for in the first few pages (even in those cases where there are hundreds of result pages). How does it work?

Authored by: LogRocket

A Better Way to Share Code Between Your Node.js Projects

Learn why you've probably been sharing code modules the wrong way. TL;DR - Use Bit.dev to easily share and collaborate on code modules between two or more Node.js projects (Scroll down to learn more). We all know how Node's asynchronous I/O has made it one of the de-facto tools for developing services (normally REST APIs, although other types, not as popular, are quite common too).

Authored by: Bit

Build a Command-Line Real-Time Chat App using SocketIO

First, we create a Node project: mkdir node-streamcd node-streamnpm init -y Now, we install the socket.io library: npm i socket.io Now the socket.io has a client-side library that will be used by the client to communicate with the socket.io server: npm i socket.io-client Now, we will create our Websocket server.

Authored by: Bit

Libraries and Tools

Top 5 Machine Learning Libraries

Machine Learning has grown in the past few years at a very rapid rate. This is due to the release of Machine Learning (ML)/Deep Learning (DL) libraries that abstracts away the huge complexity of scaffolding or implementing an ML/DL model. ML/DL involves a lot of mathematical calculations and operationsת especially Matrix.

Authored by: Bit

UI Library: How to Version, Publish and Update Individual Components

Build a truly modular component library that can be developed and used, one component at a time. When you need to share common UI components (React, Vue, Angular, etc) between different projects or applications, you often build a shared UI library.

Authored by: Bit

Functional Programming

Functional Programming in JavaScript: How and Why

How to write ultra-modular, easily testable, easily maintainable, and highly reusable Javascript w/o React With the growing trend in usage of Functional Programming for JavaScript these days, it's only natural to ask things like "What's with all the hype?" "What are the benefits?" "What are the real-world applications of Functional Programming?"

Authored by: Bit