JSK Weekly - November 23, 2022

As the year starts nearing the silly season, we start looking for easier ways of doing things so we can ease into the holiday spirit. Check out Abdulazeez Sherif's "My 20 Most Useful JavaScript Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices" to start your slow descent into December.

Other popular stories include Suresh M's "React India 2022–The Largest React Hybrid Event in India" on Syncfusion, Kyle Le's "TypeScript 4.9 is Huge!" and Thomas Sentre's "7 Popular React Native UI Component Libraries You Should Know" on Bits and Pieces.


3 Tips for Improving Accessibility of 3D Models on the Web

Individuals with visual and/or motor coordination challenges use keyboard commands to interact with web elements. This is why it is important that all interactive elements can be focusable with keyboard commands (i.e., and Tab-Shift). On a webpage, an element that is in focus is outlined by a glowing blue ring, commonly called a focus ring, that indicates to the user where the element is.

Authored by: Bit

My 20 Most Useful JavaScript Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

You probably already know that JavaScript is the most widely used programming language in the world. It is used for the web, mobile hybrid apps, the server side (NodeJS), and a variety of other applications.

Authored by: Abdulazeez Sherif

Deno 1.27 is out, let's see what's new!

In October, the Deno team released version 1.27, and in this article we're going to quickly analyze how good that update was. You see, release notes tend to be filled with details that sometimes are hard to understand or even can confuse those not working directly on the release.

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How to Build a Modern Documentation Site with VitePress

Documentation is a crucial aspect of software development. But developers often neglect it because it can be a hassle to maintain. This is why it's important to use tools that help simplify this process. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to build a complete docs site quickly by utilizing

Authored by: Eke

ECMAScript proposal: RegExp flag `/v` makes character classes and character class escapes more powerful

In this blog post, we look at the ECMAScript proposal "RegExp v flag with set notation + properties of strings" by Markus Scherer and Mathias Bynens.

Authored by: Axel Rauschmayer


Create JavaScript Objects: 4 Ways You Should Know

JavaScript is an object-based language. Except for these six types - string, number, boolean, bigint, symbol, undefined, and null - everything in JavaScript is an object. Yes, even the constructors...

Authored by: JavaScript In Plain English

How to Validate URLs in JavaScript

A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is what leads you to a page or file on the internet. URLs serve as the addresses of things on the internet. All valid URLs follow certain patterns. So if you know those patterns, you can determine whether a URL is valid or not in

Authored by: Benjamin Semah

10 New JavaScript Features You Must Learn

JavaScript is constantly being upgraded and iterated, and there are more and more new features to make our code clean and interesting to write, in this article we introduce 10 new features.

Authored by: Maxwell

How to Make a Simple Card Game Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Coding is easy to understand, But it is a bit of a challenge to make it so that all maths can be done using only HTML, CSS, and JS. So today I will explain how to develop a Blackjack Game Only HTML, CSS & JS have been used.

Authored by: JavaScript In Plain English

Event Flow in JavaScript

In this article we are going to understand what are events in JavaScript and how event flows in JavaScript with examples. So without wasting much time let's get started. JavaScript events are nothing but a signal coming from an input device based on user action.

Authored by: Nikhil

How to Sort an Object Array by a Boolean Property in JavaScript

To sort an array of objects by a boolean property in JavaScript, call the sort() method on the array with a callback as an argument. In the function, use the boolean property to return an expression that evaluates to a positive number, a negative number, or zero.

Authored by: Coding Beauty

How to Push an Object to an Array in JavaScript

To push an object to an array in JavaScript, call the push() method on the array with the object as an argument, i.e., arr.push(obj). The push() method will add the element to the end of the array. For example: The method takes an object and adds it to the end of an array.

Authored by: Coding Beauty


TypeScript 4.9 is Huge!

If you don't know, TypeScript is a language that builds on JavaScript for type-safe programming. TypeScript has become very famous in the industry, and Microsoft has just announced TypeScript 4.9...

Authored by: Duc Le

Primitive Types in TypeScript - Upmostly

TypeScript provides some useful primitive types that you'll be using every day. In this article, I'll explain them, what they're for, and the TypeScript-specific primitives.

Authored by: Upmostly


How to Add ESLint to an Angular Application

In this article, we'll build a web application using the latest version of Angular [https://angular.io/]. Then we'll add ESLint [https://eslint.org/] which analyzes the JavaScript code statically to find any problems. Prerequisites Before you start, you need to install and configure the tools below (if you don't already have them

Authored by: Rodrigo Kamada 🇧🇷

You Can Render Anything In Angular

The other day, I heard someone say something to the effect of: In an Angular application you're stuck doing it "The Angular Way". The person saying this was implying that it's somehow easier to perform low-level programming in React.

Authored by: Ben Nadel

Subject RxJS - Angular Example

One of the great things about working with Angular is its component-based approach to building UI. This can be said about many frameworks and libraries that adopt a component-based approach. However, a component-based approach isn't a free meal, and it comes with its share of complications.

Authored by: Lorenzo Zarantonello


How to Safely Update React State

While developing your React application, have you encountered the following errors: As it mentions, you can't update React's state in an unmounted component, which has the potential to cause memory leaks. This usually happens in the context of an asynchronous operation or in a subscriber.

Authored by: Bit

React India 2022–The Largest React Hybrid Event in India

React India 2022 is the largest React event in India, focusing on sharing knowledge about application development with the React framework. This event brings React developers and enthusiasts under one roof to share their experiences.

Authored by: Syncfusion

How to settle the React memoization debate

Memoization is a deep topic that many developers are passionate about. As such, there are many opinions flying around about how memoization should be used. It is a very common debate amongst front end engineers at companies that use React.

Authored by: Ryan C. Collins


Create a Multilingual Web App Using Vue.js 2 + Vue 18n

Learn how to create a multilingual web app using Vue.js through a very easy example.

Authored by: Sihem BOUHENNICHE


Why Choose Nodejs For Your Next Web Application Development Project?

Have you heard all the hubbub about Node.JS being used in modern web development? You are wondering what the advantages of Node.JS are. Node.JS has many uses in the web development world. Creating a web app becomes less of a hassle for you.

Authored by: Sefali Warner

Top-level promise handling in Node.js

I was writing a quick Node.js script the other day, made a silly mistake, and faced the exit code 13. There was no error. I just looked at this status code I haven't seen before. So, I went on to learn more about it.

Authored by: stefan judis

Libraries and Tools

7 Popular React Native UI Component Libraries You Should Know.

If you are building an application of any size, you are likely to need a component library. Component libraries allow you to create a consistent feel for your application. They will often adapt well...

Authored by: Bit

The Best Vue 3 UI Libraries - Upmostly

Due to its simplicity of usage and learning curve, Vue.js is the JavaScript framework of choice for a large number of front-end developers. The heart of the

Authored by: Upmostly


Component Testing with Ely Lucas on Web Rush #210

Ely Lucas talks with us about how component testing works with Cypress, what's easier and what's still difficult to test, security in testing, and why don't we want to test our code? Direct link to the episode.

Authored by: John Papa

Functional Programming

How to Prevent a Function From Being Called Multiple Times

If you use an event handler such as onClick, onChange, or onScroll and want to prevent the callback from being fired too quickly, then you can limit the rate at which callback is executed. This can be achieved in the below possible ways. Changes based on a time based frequency.

Authored by: Michael Sakhniuk ✨


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