JSK Weekly - September 16, 2020

Development may be largely seen as a technical skill but how often have you considered it to be an art form too? We have tools, we streamline, we create, we build and on Snipcart this week Maxime Laboissonniere even shows us how to "Craft Better Looking Vue Apps Using Tailwind CSS." Nice.

Tools are there to help us work smart, not hard, as detailed by Deepak Gangwar in "4 Must Have Free Tools for Developers", David Walsh shares "5 Awesome JavaScript Promise Tricks" and Dilantha Prasanjith gives us "6 Reasons to Use React Hooks Instead of Classes" on Bits and Pieces.


4 New Exciting Features Coming in ECMAScript 2021

Still, no news on private properties being a thing (right now the proposal is still sitting on stage 3), but as a taste of what's to come, we'll be able to set visibility on both, class methods and accessors.

Authored by: Bit

What Is Canary Deployment?

Canary deployment lets you do controlled releases to subsets of users. Learn how it works and how to automate it with a fast CI/CD workflow.

Authored by: Semaphore

WebAssembly for web developers

When WebAssembly was first announced, it caused excitement, but also some fear in the web development community and beyond. Programmers coming from languages like C++, or Rust surely appreciated the fact that they now could target the broader demographic of Web users, while putting in much less effort than was previously required.

Authored by: areknawo

Balanced Brackets

A bracket is considered to be any one of the following characters: (, ), {, }, [, or ]. Two brackets are considered to be a matched pair if the an opening bracket (i.e., (, [, or {) occurs to the left of a closing bracket (i.e., ), ], or }) of the exact same type.

Authored by: livecodestream

Review of Chakra UI

Chakra UI keeps its components fairly consistent based on the following principles. Because Chakra UI is based on styled systems, it is possible to override or extend all component styles using props. So, you rarely have to use stylesheets or inline styles. You can find many shorthand variants of the style props in the Chakra UI component library.

Authored by: Bit

Performance Metrics for Front-End Applications

The performance metrics can be grouped under several categories. Quantity-based metrics Milestone metrics Rendering metrics Custom metrics Measures the number of HTTP requests, weight due to resources such as images, styles, JavaScript, HTML. Useful for Raising alarms - they let you know of how healthy your website is by letting you know whether your web application exceeds the performance budget.

Authored by: Bit

20+ Useful Web Development Tutorials For All Novices

The way to learn programming has changed over the years from a simple hobby to a career. Today it is... | Web design web development news, website design and online marketing. Web design, development, javascript, angular, react, vue, php, SEO, SEM, web hosting, e-commerce, website development and search engine optimization, social media management.

Authored by: MA-NO WebDesign&Dev

Moment.js Officially Becomes A Legacy Project In Maintenance Mode - I Like Kill Nerds

Well, here is an announcement that probably won't surprise anyone who has used Moment in the last few years, especially trying to get the size of it down in your Webpack configuration. The Moment.js team has announced it is now a legacy project in maintenance mode.

Authored by: Dwayne Charrington


Recent Advances and Improvements to JavaScript Promises

With the release of the ECMAScript 2021 Language Specification came some marked upgrades to the humble promise, and I'm really excited to share four of them with you, beginning with Promise.all() . The Promise.all() method takes an iterable (a list) of promises as an input, and returns a single Promise that resolves to an array of the results of the input promises.

Authored by: Bit

10 Javascript Tutorials You Must See

Fortunately, we live in an era of global connectivity and access to many resources. Thanks to the Internet and people... | Web design web development news, website design and online marketing. Web design, development, javascript, angular, react, vue, php, SEO, SEM, web hosting, e-commerce, website development and search engine optimization, social media management.

Authored by: MA-NO WebDesign&Dev

How to Understand Recursion in JavaScript

"To understand recursion, one must first understand recursion" - Unknown If you're like me then you probably didn't understood recursion the first time you read about it. For me, it was because 1. recursion is a hard concept in itself, and 2. some of the tutorials and articles I read weren't super clear.

Authored by: Joel P. Mugalu

JavaScript Console.log() Example - How to Print to the Console in JS

Logging messages to the console is a very basic way to diagnose and troubleshoot minor issues in your code. But, did you know that there is more to console than just log? In this article I'll show you all of the things you didn't know console could do.

Authored by: πšŒπš˜πšπšŽπš‚πšƒπ™°π™²π™Ίπš› βš‘πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

You Really Don't Need All That JavaScript, I Promise by Stuart Langridge

You Really Don't Need All That JavaScript, I Promise by Stuart Langridge / JavaScript is your behavior layer; the way to add interactivity to your sites, to provide a slick and delightful user experience, to make everything fast and easy and clean.

Authored by: Krasimir Tsonev

5 Awesome JavaScript Promise Tricks

The Promise API changed the game in JavaScript. We went from abusing setTimeouts and settling for synchronous operations to doing everything possible to leverage this new async API. Let's check out a handful of awesome Promise API tricks! Cancel a fetch Request One problem we instantly complained about with promises was not being able to ...

Authored by: David Walsh

Speakeasy JS - The JavaScript meetup for πŸ₯Ό mad science, πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ hacking, and πŸ§ͺ experiments

The JavaScript meetup for πŸ₯Ό mad science, πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ hacking, and πŸ§ͺ experiments

Authored by: Speakeasy JS


Feature Flags in Angular

Many times when working on applications, especially with teams, multiple features are being worked on at the same time. They aren't all ready for deploy at the same time, though. At first blush, it seems like the only option is to hold off on deploys until everything is ready to go live, but there's no telling how long that could take.

Authored by: Preston Lamb


Things to consider before working with React

Being the owner of a start-up based in India is not a piece of cake. The challenges often comprise the constant need to keep a pace with the latest technological changes and updates. And, this is about the time that I wanted to develop an app with React Native.

Authored by: Graffersid

How to Use Redux in Your React TypeScript App

Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps. It's a popular library for managing state in React apps. Redux can offer a better developer experience when you use it along with TypeScript. TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that type-checks code to make it robust and understandable.

Authored by: Ibrahima Ndaw

Make a Percentage Based Layout in react-blessed

Elijah Manor * about 1 hour This is the 9th post in a series where we will be creating a developer dashboard in the terminal using react-blessed and react-blessed-contrib. For more information about the series and to take a sneak peak at what we're building, go to the 1st post in the series for more context.

Authored by: Elijah Manor

6 Reasons to Use React Hooks Instead of Classes

React hooks have been around for some time now, yet many React developers are not actively using them. I see two primary reasons behind this. The first reason is that many React developers are already involved in a large project, which requires a significant effort to migrate the entire codebase.

Authored by: Bit

Create simple POS with React.js, Node.js, and MongoDB #14: Export PDF, Excel, CSV, Bulk Delete, Inline Editing

In this chapter, we are going to continue from where we left off from the previous chapter. We are about to add more features to our react table to make it feature-rich and dynamic. Here, we are going to add features like document export, bulk delete, and inline editing.

Authored by: Soshace for Developers


How to Build a Simple iOS Home Screen PWA Camera Using Vue, Tailwind, and WebRTC on CodePen

Once the WebRTC stream is connected to the element and the metadata is loaded, users will have the ability to capture photos. As I mentioned in the user journey section, this is best handled by a well placed button fixed to the bottom of the camera screen.

Authored by: Bit

Craft Better Looking Vue Apps Using Tailwind CSS

In a rush? Skip to technical tutorial or live demo. How do you feel about CSS? It has always been a love-hate relationship for me. I mean, I like to experiment with it. However, my teammates at Snipcart have laughed at my demos' design more than once (not that I agree with them.)

Authored by: Snipcart


Working with Node.js Streams

When we watch an online video we use a stream. Do we need to download the whole video to watch it? the answer is no. thus the video data is not complete but we can watch the parts we want! Imagine we...

Authored by: JavaScript In Plain English

Comic: What's that Node Program?

Elijah Manor * about 1 month `nvm` is an abbreviation for "nevermind", but it's also a program ("node version manager") to switch between versions of node. There are other such tools, but this is a popular one. @elijahmanor Manorisms elijahmanor.com/pun-switch Hey, what's that program that switches between versions of node?

Authored by: Elijah Manor

Mongoose with Node.js - Object Data Modeling

Introduction NoSQL brought flexibility to the tabular world of databases. MongoDB in particular became an excellent option to store unstructured JSON documents. Data starts as JSON in the UI and undergoes very few transformations to be stored, so we get benefits from increased performance and decreased processing time.

Authored by: StackAbuse

Node.js Lesson 3: Node Package Manager

Hello everyone, we are going to learn about Node Package Manager (NPM) in this lesson. We talked slightly about it in Lesson 1 and initialized the project. Let's dive deep now. As the name suggests, it's a Package Manager for Node.

Authored by: Soshace for Developers

Refactor Node.js and Express APIs to Serverless - Free Workshop

Introducing the LearnShop series! Workshops where you Learn! Join me, Burke Holland and Craig Shoemaker as we Refactor Node.js & Express APIs to Serverless. All skill levels welcome. We provide the code & learn together! Sep 16 8:00 AM PST

Authored by: John Papa

Making HTTP Requests in Node.js with node-fetch

Introduction A web application often needs to communicate with web servers to get various resources. You might need to fetch data from or post data to an external web server or API. Using client-side JavaScript, this can be achieved using the fetch API and the window.fetch() function.

Authored by: StackAbuse

You Built Your Node App, But Are You Logging?

Logging is a crucial part of developing an application. When the app is on production, logs are necessary to identify the problem if something goes wrong with it. So, if you are a developer, you should ask the question, "Am I doing logging the right way?".

Authored by: livecodestream

Libraries and Tools

ExtendsClass - Online Tools for Developers - Interview with Cyril Bois

One of the great things about being a developer is that you can literally create your own tools to make it easier to do your work. Cyril Bois has been developing a set of tools at ExtendsClass for a while and now we have a good chance to learn more.

Authored by: SurviveJS

4 Must Have Free Tools for Developers

When I started as a front end developer, I did everything the hard way. If you are anything like me, the hard way comes to you naturally. This was degrading my productivity. So I decided to look for the tools that can help me do things in a smart way rather that the hard way.

Authored by: Frontend Weekly


AWS: Speed Up Your Static Web Site using GZip and CDN

Performance is one of the most important things in websites, and there is no need to explain reasons. Fast web pages lead your website to better search engine rankings while increasing traffic for...

Authored by: Bit